Franchise Development

We have worked with hundreds of Franchisees nationally as the Corporate Marketing Department of the Franchisor!

Did you know?

74% of all franchise business owners report not having any form of a marketing strategy to promote their products and services.

Your brand does not need to be a statistic. Because we know what we’re doing means you will know what you’re doing!

That is easy to fix!

The Cate Agency specializes in Franchise Development and Marketing and works directly with the franchisor AND the franchisee(s) to maximize everyone’s success!

What do we do?

We will devise and implement relevant strategies to promote your franchisees’ products and/or services AND we will support YOU, the franchisor, in all areas of marketing for new investors to purchase franchises.

We’re sure you realize this important fact:
Most Franchise Operators Lack Marketing Expertise!

Don’t be misled.

Ignoring the fact your franchisees’ strengths may not include marketing can be a serious oversight.

For starters, most franchisees expect corporate to do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing.

Without the proper corporate support, a centralized strategy and access to the right marketing tools, the likelihood of your franchisees executing an effective, consistent, on-brand marketing campaign drops significantly.

Corporate needs to provide their franchisees with relevant strategies to promote their products and/or services to their market.

Don’t risk the big ROI

When your franchise operator is tasked with carrying the brand torch in his or her market, one of more of these things tend to happen:

1.       Marketing is routinely put on the back burner.

2.       Marketing is carried out … poorly.

3.       Marketing is outsourced to a pricey third party that is not familiar with your brand statement.

The potential for a big ROI is compromised! Not ideal, no matter how you slice it.

Scary but true…

According to a franchisee survey, 49% of franchisees “are not required to follow specific corporate recommendations on marketing strategy.” YIKES!

When franchise operators have free marketing rein, it usually comes at the cost to your brand. The message that you went to great lengths to develop can be lost. It can look like a 3-ring-circus which is only good under a tent.

So outdated elements (think past logos, product/service descriptions, expired promotions), typos and even politically incorrect messaging can slip into a franchisee’s local marketing mix and you wouldn’t even know it — until it’s too late — jeopardizing brand integrity.

One-Sized-Fits-All Marketing

Winter in Chicago is not the same as winter in Phoenix. I think we can all agree on that.

Now let’s assume you have franchises in both markets. By promoting identical seasonal services/products to subscribers in those locations, odds are good you’re going to miss the mark on half your list.

We make certain that we provide your franchise operators the option to add in some local flavor to their marketing output. It will prevent your brand from coming off as impersonal and tone deaf.

Tight (or Non-Existent) Local Marketing Budgets

When your franchise operators have little to no marketing dollars in the budget, you’ll find them either ignoring the importance of advertising their location or wasting the limited funds on futile efforts.



Because we know what we’re doing – we’ve been doing it successfully for major national franchised companies across the US for over 10 years!

Still reading… Here is some more info!

Here are some of the things we do for the FRANCHISOR:
The Franchisor relies on The Cate Agency to be their corporate marketing department which provides exactly what the franchisees need for maximum marketing support.

  • Design and place ads to grow the franchise base.
  • Developed new center locations interior graphics and center design/layouts including CAD layouts showing specific franchise location requirements (interior color scheme, furniture style and placement, flooring, interior marketing materials, and exterior signage).
  • Develop the required “corporate” pieces (marketing and operational) that the franchisee will use for the growth and operation of their franchised business.
  • Marketing presentations given to prospective franchisee investors during Discovery Processes between Franchisor and Franchisee for the purpose of showcasing the marketing support and securing the potential franchise sale.
  • On-going training presentations given to new franchisee to review all marketing materials, corporate compliance requirements and begin development of future advertising/marketing goals.
  • Conducted monthly webinar meetings with franchisees for the purpose of introducing new/updated marketing materials and motivating franchisees and their staff for greater sales revenue.
  • Conducted semiannual “secret shopper” campaigns for the franchisor to determine any critical issues that could affect sales and identify individual centers’ customer service strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the things we do for the FRANCHISEE:
The Franchisee relies on “the corporate marketing department” (The Cate Agency) to help them with corporate compliance of marketing and advertising materials while also helping the franchisee grow their business.

  • Maintain corporate compliant marketing materials for their individual franchised business growth.
  • Develop marketing plans specific to their marketplace and demographics.
  • Negotiate pricing and media buys on their behalf.
  • Write and develop radio, TV, direct mail, and print advertising campaigns.
  • Manage all aspects of social media.