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Strategic Marketing Services

theCateAgency offers marketing services and here we will show examples of our work. This will be the page directs potential marketing clients and large corporations to visit so they can see our experience and individual business marketing services.

Event Planning

theCateAgency offers event planning services and here we’ll offer testimonials and examples of events.

Fund Raising

theCateAgency will offer information on this page for different fund raising events that we have successfully executed.

Intentional Thinkers Network

theCateAgency will offer a schedule of motivational talks, quotes, and opportunities for businesses anywhere in the US to begin their own “Intentional Thinkers Network” business meetings. The ITN offers motivational talks for individuals along with networking/referral events for business growth.

Benevolence by Cate

theCateAgency offers an opportunity for groups or individuals seeking a gift for women and children in need.

The Positive Times Newspaper

theCateAgency will offer locations that the newspaper can be found along with an online version. It will also offer information on how to start “your own” PTN in your area.